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Mehron Goth/Punk Makeup Kit

by Mehron

Create the ultimate character with this goth and punk makeup kit by Mehron.

  • Description: The Complete Goth/Punk Character Kit features all the essential makeup and accessories to create a Goth/Punk costume for Halloween or any costume party. Although it is a Character Kit, you can add all the individuality you want when using the various makeup, nail polish, lip liner and applicators to accomplish your ultimate Gothic character
  • Includes: 5oz White Color Cup Makeup, .25oz Colorset Powder,.3oz Black Shadow Liner, Black Lipstick, Black Nail Polish, 4 Foam Wedge Sponges ,1 Powder Puff,2oz.Tube of Black Cream Temporary Hair Color,1 Vacuum Adhering Tongue Stud, 2 Hole Free Piercings, Makeup Remover Wipes and Full Instructions.
  • Suggestions: Try applying the foundation with a dry sponge, using no water, for a very light, powdered look.

How to Use:

  1. Apply the Mehron’s StarBlend White Makeup with a damp sponge applicator lightly and evenly over the face and neck.
  2. Next use the Black eyeliner pencil to outline the upper and lower lashes. You can make the line thicker and longer to get more extreme eyes.
  3. Use the brush to apply Mehron’s E.Y.E Powder Black Onyx on the eye lid to get the dark mystical eyes.
  4.  Use a sponge applicator with the E.Y.E Powder Black Onyx and apply just below the cheekbone and blend down. This will give a dramatic hollow cheek appearance.
  5. Apply the Black Lip Stick and Nail Polish.
  6.  Then apply the Temporary black hair gel to dry hair.
  7. Use the spring loaded piercing ring on the nose, eyebrow, or lip as desired.
  8. The Tongue Stud is applied with suction to the tongue.
  9. Remove using the makeup remover cloth.