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Fleet Street Dirtworks Makeup Powder - Sedona

by PPI

Fleet Street Sedona Dirtworks Powder creates road dust or dirt on skin and on costumes.

  • Description: Dirtworks Powders are the safest dirts on the market today. They do not contain hazardous ingredients such as talc, silica or walnut shells. Use Sedona Dirtworks Powder when you need a reddish brown dirt. It is popular as for a dusty, dirty appearance on both skin and on costumes and best of all washes off easily.
  • Colors: Sedona (Also available in SootDark BrunMuddy WatersRotten Stone and Sand.)
  • Size: 4 oz. jars.
  • Note: I prefer to apply the Dirt works Powders using the Dirtworks Dirt Bag (Sold separately).  I put down a drop cloth, fill the bag with powder and tie it shut and “pounce” your performer. Try some Dirt-Tac (Sold separately), it also helps hold the powders in place.
  • These powders are very easily removed using just soap & water, making them perfect for the temporary distressing of costumes.
  • Use alone or with the Dirtworks Grime Liquids to create a variety of "dirty" makeups. It is designed to be used in conjunction with and to compliment the popular Skin Illustrator Grunge Palette and Dirtworks Sedona Grime Spray.