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Ben Nye Eyebrow Pencils

by Ben Nye
Color: Auburn EP-2

You can complete your look by creating stunning eyebrows.

  • Description: Ben Nye Eyebrow Pencils offer some of the best eyebrow pencils at a fraction of prices of department stores. Avaiable in 8 natural colors, you will be sure to find the perfect match. These pencils are formulated in a moist yet firm texture, so they hold a precise point when sharpened . A sharp point helps you augment your brows for a natural look.
  • Colors: EP-0 White, EP-1 Light Brown, EP-2 Auburn, EP-3 Taupe, EP-4 Medium Brown, EP-5 Dark Brown, EP-7 Black Brown and EP-9 Black
  • Size and Coverage: 7 ’’ pencil (75-225 applications)
  • Ingredients: These pencils may contain, dimethicone, talc, polysorbate 60 or mica.
  • Suggestions:  Applying eyebrow pencil can take some getting used to, but if you carefully practice your technique, you will achieve a great look!
  • A good Pencil Sharpener is a tool you cannot live without to keep your pencil's sharp.

How to Use:

  1. Choose a pencil close to your natural shade.
  2. Lightly fill in your eyebrow, working from the inner to outer corner.
  3. Use light, short strokes. Do not press so hard that you can see the actual lines from where you applied the pencil.
  4. Work all the way to the outer corner.
  5. Finally, brush your eyebrows with a brow brush or toothbrush to complete the look.
  6. Try setting the finished look with a matching Ben Nye Eye Shadow .