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Ice FX Frost and Snow Makeup Mega Kit

SKU ICE-2- Mega Christmas Kit

Get the ultimate frozen look with the Ice FX frost and snow makeup mega kit.

  • These Ice FX products are used by many makeup artists and special effects artists to create realistic snow /frost makeup.  Here is a two-step process to get that effect.  Simple add the gel then sprinkle on the crystal mix. It is formulated to be used alone or with other theatrical makeups.
  • Size: This Ice FX Kit contains 1-4oz Jar of Ice gel and 1- 3oz. Jar of mixed crystals, powder and snow frost glitter as well as instructions.
  • Made in the USA.

How To Use:

  • Ice Gel- a water-based mild gel that sets up quickly but can be peeled or washed off. The Ice Gel has a blue/green hue that contrasts with the Snow Frost that is suspended in the Gel. Ice gel is used as a foundation or to suspend the Crystals and Powder.
  • Ice Crystals- realistic looking crystals that will adhere using the ice gel. Two sizes of crystals give a more realistic effect when mixed together.
  • Ice Powder- similar to ice crystals but in a powder form for a frosty look. Sprinkle over the ice gel.
  • Ice FX can be gently peeled off the skin or is completely water washable if needed.

    It is safe for use on skin as well as hair.

    Ice FX and powders may also be used in non-consumable food styling, on props and in home or set décor.