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Ben Nye Wrinkle Stipple

by Ben Nye
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Use Ben Nye's Wrinkle Stipple old age makeup for how to make wrinkles that look real. This is ideal to create subtle facial wrinkling, especially crown's feet.
  • Description: Wrinkle Stipple latex is thinner than liquid latex and dries nearly invisible.  When sealed with Castor Sealer, it becomes "transparent” making it great for extreme close ups and intimate staging.
  • Size: 1 oz. bottle (8-35 applications)
  • Suggestions:  Try using a blow dryer on the applied wrinkle stipple to help it dry faster.

How to Use:

Apply to area of the face where wrinkles will naturally occur (ie: crows feet and lip lines).

  1. Simply stretch the skin area with your index finger and apply the latex.
  2. When dry release skin.
  3. Apply castor sealer to prevent discoloring before makeup is put on top.