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Ben Nye Creme Rouge Wheel

by Ben Nye
SKU CR-100

Create bold or natural looks with Ben Nye's Creme Rouge Wheel.  Creme Rouge is a necessary step for men or women on stage.

  • Description: Rouge accents the cheekbones and makes the wearer appear healthy, glowing and youthful.  Ben Nye’s highly pigmented formulation assures versatility for bold intensity or natural subtlety. Now in a silky texture, this blendable creme blush shades color cheeks naturally. 

  • Colors: Wheel includes Fire Red, Carnation Pink, Dusty Rose, Sandy Rose, Raspberry and Coral.

  • Size:  1 oz. (50-200 applications) 

  • Suggestions: Cream Rouge can also be used on stage, to create ruddiness, high color, broken veins and as part of the aging process.

How to Use:

  1. Apply Ben Nye Crème Foundation, then a crème cheek color.

  2. Lightly tap cream rouge on cheeks, using a makeup sponge or your fingers, from temples to slightly passed the cheek bone, putting less rouge toward the temples and more toward the center of the cheeks. Remember, a little goes a long way.

  3. Lightly blend the rouge up and over the cheekbones as well as down and under the cheekbones.  

  4. Powder to set.