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Ben Nye Colour Lip Liner Pencils

by Ben Nye
SKU LP-130
Color: Burgundy LP-130

Ben Nye colour lip liner pencils are rich in color and creamy in texture.

  • Description: Lusciously moist, creamy and rich in color, these pencils effortlessly contour lips or easily color them completely. Defining the lips and enhancing fullness has never been easier with these decadently creamy pencils from Ben Nye.
  • Colors: Really Red, Nude, Burgundy, Wine Berry, Natural and Rosewood.
  • Size:  7" length. (50-150 applications.)
  • Suggestions: To make your lips appear fuller, apply lip liner outside the line of your lips. Follow with lipstick.  To make your lips appear smaller, apply foundation over the edges of your lips and carefully draw lip shape with a liner just inside your lip line. Follow with lipstick.

How to Use:

To keep your lipstick from bleeding, apply lip liner matching your lipstick along the edges of your lips before putting on lipstick.