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Cosmetic Makeup Mixing Spatulas

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These cosmetic makeup mixing spatulas are a must for any makeup artist.

  • Description: Here are two spatulas-
  • The Flat Mixing Spatula is a flat, flexible rectangular ended spatula for scooping bits of make-up out of your foundation containers (either for sanitary reasons or for mixing colors). The flat, flexible end makes mixing colors, on a Stainless Steel palette a breeze.
  • The Double Ended Spatula has a shaped and slightly curved spatula on each end. This spatula is ideal for scooping product out of containers and for performing various sculpting procedures in clay, wax, etc. One end is spade shaped and slightly curved, the other is rectangular and slightly curved.
  • Size:  6 ½ long, metal
  • Suggestions: Your Makeup Kit cannot do without a professional flat mixing spatula. Use it for easy removal of product from lipstick tubes, jars as well as bottles.

How to Use:

Flat Mixing Spatula-

  1. Scoop out a bit of your creme based make-up onto a palette.
  2. Use the spatula to blend more than one color together, to soften mask grease or simply to avoid cross contamination of your makeup.
  3. Apply makeup, using a sponge, directly from the palette.

Double Ended Spatula-

  1. This tool can be used to mix colors, but the ends are not really flexible. It makes a better sculpting tool for waxes or clay.