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Menda Pump Dispenser for Brush Cleaners

SKU 88390

A way to keep your cleansing solution free of contaminants!

  • Description: Perfect for brush cleaners or alcohol, the pump keeps fluids from reentering the bottle after being dispensed. No seepage when open and no leakage when locked for travel. The lid locks and unlocks so you can pump clean fluid up from the bottle and then lock it for use
  • Size: 4 oz. square plastic bottle with dispenser.
  • Suggestions: Keep one for your brush cleaner and one for alcohol. One for nail polish remover, too?

How to Use:

  1. Press the pump, the pump dispenses approximately 2cc of liquid with each press so it reduces waste and spills, and greatly minimizes evaporation of product.
  2. Use the liquid in the reservoir and re-pump as need.
  3. To clean, simply wipe little upper bowl clean and either unlock the lid and pump up more fluid or keep it locked and toss it in your bag for safe travel without leaking.