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Paradise Makeup AQ Professional Face Painting Brushes

by Mehron
SKU 810

Every face painter needs good brushes!

  • Description: Paradise Makeup AQ Brushes are high quality makeup brushes designed and used by professional artisté Jinny.  They are presented with custom length acrylic handles, luxurious bristles and durable ferrules.
  • There are 7 Styles to choose from.
  • Suggestions: If I was to choose brushes to start with, I would choose an 812 and an 814, or maybe  two of each.
810 – Super Fine Point Brush- 6 ¼’’ pointed brush with very fine point for detail work.
812 – 1/8’’ Flat Versatile Brush- 5 3/4’’flat brush for fill in and detail work.
813 – Fine Round Brush- 6 ½’’ pointed brush. Great detail brush.
814 – Medium Round Brush- 7’’ pointed brush with ‘’1/8 wide long bristles. Great for long even lines.
815 - Bold Round Brush- 7’’ pointed brush with 1/4’’ wide long bristles. A great fill in brush.
816 - Wide Chisel Brush- 7’’ brush with 5/8’’ wide dome shaped brush. A sturdy face-painting tool, providing wide coverage.
818- Petal Tip Brush- - 7’’ brush with 3/8’’ wide dome shaped brush. Great fill in brush.
How to Use:
  1. Paradise AQ Face Paint Makeup is activated with a small amount of water.
  2. Moisten the brush and work the surface of the cake into a rich spreadable cream.
  3. Some colors require a little more water than others.
  4. Gently clean with brush cleaner after use