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Ben Nye Professional Foundation Makeup Brushes

by Ben Nye

The Ben Nye Professional Foundation Makeup brushes are excellent for liquids and wet cake makeup.

  • Description: Ben Nye is known for their quality brushes. The rounded, tapered edges and soft synthetic (Taklon) fibers provide exceptional versatility and blending qualities.

FCB-20- (7/8’’) Foundation Brush- 8’’ long
FCB-24- (1 1/8’’) Wide Foundation- 8 1/2’’ long.

  • Suggestions: Taklon brushes are more hygienic than real hair brushes. Natural hair has an irregular surface which traps powders, dead skin cells, bacteria and chemicals. Cleaning may not necessarily remove these particles. Taklon lacks these surface irregularities, making it easier to clean properly. This decreases irritation.

How to Use:

These Foundation brushes blend crème-style foundations to a sheer, smooth finish. Gently clean with brush cleaner after use.