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Stainless Steel Makeup Mixing Palette

SKU 88458

Keep your makeup sanitary with a stainless steel makeup mixing palette.

  • Description:  A Mixing Palette keeps your products clean and sanitary. This Stainless Steel Palette is the perfect surface for mixing colors of creme based make-up or for sharing make-ups.
  • Size: 3’’ by 4 ½’’ round edged, stainless steel mixing palette.
  • Suggestions: 8 actors sharing one or two foundations? Scoop out some foundation, lip stick, etc. onto 8 palettes and let your actors work from their own palette.

How to Use:

  1. Scoop out a bit of your creme based make-up onto a palette.
  2. Use the spatula to blend more than one color together, to soften mask grease or simply to avoid cross contamination of your makeup.
  3. Apply makeup, using a sponge, directly from the palette.