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Ben Nye Cover-All Makeup Wheels

by Ben Nye

Ben Nye’s Cover-All Wheels fit in the palm of your hand in compact four-color or six-color wheels.

  • Description: They are now formulated with Ben Nye’s MediaPRO crème formula for a flawless natural, long-wearing and "invisible" coverage. These wheels are perfect for neutralizing and muting redness, veins, beard shadow and skin discolorations.
  • Size and Coverage:
    • 4 Color Wheel (SK-1) Includes Shades: MY-2  Mellow Yellow, MO-2 Mellow Orange, CC-3 Coverette Cover Up, FS-3 Five O' Sharp. Net Wt. .5oz. (75-200 applications).
    • 6 Color Palette (SK-100) Includes Shades: MY-1 Mellow Yellow Fair, MY-2 Mellow Yellow Normal, MO-1 Mellow Orange Fair, MO-11 Mellow Orange Lite, MO-2 Mellow Orange Medium and CC-1 Coverette Ultra Fair. Net Wt. 1oz.(125-200 applications).
    • 6 Color Palette (SK-200) Includes Shades: GC-1 Green No. 1, CC-1 Ultra Fair, HY-1 Yellow No. 1, MO-1 Mellow Orange Fair, CC-2  Fair and CH-0 Cream Highlight Ultralight. Net Wt. 1oz.(125-200 Applications).
  • Suggestions:  SK-100 is for any skin tones darker than fair. SK-200 is for skin tones from pale white to fair. These colors are for neutralizing discoloration, but don't expect it to match your skin tone exactly. That is what foundation is for

How to Use:

Neutralizers should be applied before the foundation.

  1. Apply with a flat or dome brush.
  2. Blend.
  3. Powder lightly before applying foundation.