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Ben Nye Highlight Makeup Wheel

by Ben Nye
The Ben Nye highlight wheel has four versatile colors.  

Crème Highlights are applied to improve, correct or change facial features.

  • Description: Brighter tones, such as Ultralite, instantly create the appearance of bags, jowls and crow's feet when used in tandem with crème shadows. These four versatile shades can be used for corrective makeup, beauty, old age and character highlights.
  • Colors: Wheel includes four shades: CH-0 Ultralite, CH-01 Natural Lite, CH-2 Lite and Ch-5 Deep
  • Size: .5oz. (75-200 applications) 
  • Suggestions: Warmer shades can be used to diminish under-eye discoloration.

How to Use:

  1. Apply a crème foundation then a highlight.
  2. Apply the highlight with a brush and blend out the edges.
  3. Powder to set.

(By highlighting the face's protruding bones, the features become pronounced; shadowing cavities can add depth. A highlight should be at least two shades lighter than the base. It can be applied on the bridge of the nose, cheekbones, and areas under the eyes and below the brows for depth and definition.) It can be used in conjunction with crème shadows to create old age effects and sculpting the face.