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Ben Nye Shadow Makeup Wheel

by Ben Nye
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Use the Ben Nye shadow makeup wheel with creme highlights for more dramatic results. Creme Shadows were designed to improve and distort the face.
  • Description: They can be used to chisel a full face, hide a double chin or correct a crooked nose. This wheel has four indispensable contours for beauty, corrective, old age, and character designs. These colors are highly pigmented so that their minimal application will look realistic close-up. Heavier application can bring a dramatic effect. Use in conjunction with Creme Highlights.
  • Colors: Wheel includes CS-2  Medium Brown, CS-3 Character Shadow. CS-4 Dark Brown and CL-11 Cinnamon.
  • Size:  .5 oz. (40-150 applications). 
  • SuggestionsBe sure to purchase crème highlights to accent the crème shadows as well as a translucent or neutral face powder to set.

How to Use:

Crème Shadows should be about two shades darker than the base.

  1. Apply over the crème foundation with flat brushes.  For small areas, like wrinkles, 1/8 to 1/4 inch flat synthetic sable brushes are useful.
  2. Draw in your shadows, add corresponding highlights and softly blend the edges to ease the stark nature of the shadows and highlights. Build a little at a time as it is easier to add to the color than subtract it.
  3. Powder to set.