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Graftobian Crème Foundation

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Color: Black

Theatrical Creme never felt so good!

  • Description:  Graftobian Theatrical Creme Foundations are specially formulated to apply easily with excellent coverage, due to their intense pigmentation, and to wear comfortably. These cremes are not heavy or oily, but instead are smooth and silky while yielding tremendous opacity and color vibrance.
  • Colors: white, red, blue, yellow, green, orange, black, silver and gold.
  • Size:  ½ oz.
  • Suggestions: Apply a light layer of cold cream to the skin before applying bright colors to avoid staining the skin.

How to Use:

  1. Using a makeup sponge, spread a thin layer of foundation on your face using a stroking motion.
  2. Even out the foundation by patting it with the makeup sponge. These cremes are set by filling a powder puff with translucent theatrical face powder. (Grab both sides of the puff and rub them together using a back and forth rubbing pattern. When almost all of your powder seems to have disappeared into the powder puff, you are ready to begin.)
  3. Pat the filled powder puff lightly onto the clown white makeup until all the makeup is set. Dust off the excess powder with a powder brush and use a slightly damp cloth to remove extra powder that might dull colors.
  4. Crème foundations can be removed with a creamy makeup remover like Albolene.