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Mehron Spirit Gum and Remover Combo

by Mehron
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This Mehron combo pack has spirit gum and spirit gum remover in one.

  • Description:  Try this combination of Spirit Gum and Remover from Mehron. This amber colored, alcohol/resin liquid adhesive is used for applying crepe hair, moustaches and beards, wigs, fake noses and bald caps. The Remover will gently remove the Spirit Gum from your skin and appliance.
  • Size and Coverage: This Carded set combines .25 oz. Spirit Gum with brush and a 1 oz. Remover . Good for 6-10 moustache or latex wound applications.
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How to Use:

  1. Brush the Spirit Gum onto the area where prosthetic, appliance or facial hair will be attached.
  2. Wait about 20 seconds then tap Spirit Gum with your finger or red rubber round until tacky.
  3. Place the prosthetic, appliance or facial hair onto the now tacky Spirit Gum.
  4. Secure edges with additional Spirit Gum if needed.
  5. Always use the same brand of remover as adhesive and remove prosthetic, appliance or facial hair by taking a cotton swab or brush soaked in Spirit Gum Remover and gently work the remover under the prosthetic, appliance or facial hair until fully detached.