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Telesis 5 Silicone Adhesive

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Professionals use Telesis 5 silicone skin and prosthetic adhesive.  Telesis 5 Silicone Adhesive is a non-flammable, pressure sensitive silicone based prosthetic and appliance adhesive that works well under all sorts of conditions.

  • Description: Telesis 5 Silicone Adhesive is the most popular of the Telesis Adhesives. This adhesive is excellent for bonding silicone pieces around the eyes and mouth, or other areas that are troublesome to glue down. Remove with Super Solve.
  • Size:  1/2" fl. oz and 2 fl. oz. bottles
  • For Professional Use Only
  • Caution: Do not inhale. Replace cap tightly after use.
  • Telesis products have proven to be both safe and highly effective in the medical, makeup and cosmetic industries.
  • Choosing the correct TELESIS SILICONE ADHESIVE is a matter of personal preference. There is no right or wrong adhesive for any particular application. Only the individual make-up artist and medical professional can properly determine which TELESIS product is the best adhesive for a given situation. Regardless of your choice, it is important to understand that all TELESIS SILICONE ADHESIVE are non flammable, pressure sensitive, medical grade products. None of the TELESIS ADHESIVES (or thinners) contain ethyl acetate, and they have all been tested for dermal irritation and have been proven safe for use on skin. The number 4, 5 and 6 represent the order of market introduction, and not the adhesive strength, quality or effectiveness. The most significant difference between the three TELESIS adhesives is the solids content and the solvent type. This causes performance characteristics to be slightly different with each adhesive.
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