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Ben Nye Professional Makeup Concealer Palette - 12 Colors

by ben

Ben Nye offers a versatile professional cover up makeup concealer for tattoos.Intensely pigmented cremes provide flawless, long-wearing and invisible coverage.

  • Description:  Ben Nye's Concealer Palette covers the gamut when it comes to tattoos and discolorations. The definitive collection of highly pigmented cover-ups. Skip Smith, Washington D.C. Makeup Director, says, "This palette has everything I need to keep our journalists looking blemish free." All shades provide flawless, long-wearing and "invisible" coverage for most discolorations.
  • Colors:  MY-1 Mellow Yellow Fair, MY-2 Mellow Yellow Normal, CC-2 Coverette Cover-Up Fair CC-3 Coverette Cover-Up Medium, MO-2 Mellow Orange Medium, FS-1 Five O' Sharp Studio, HY-1 Special Yellow Highlight, GC-1 Special Green Concealer, NR-2  Red Neutralizer No. 2, NT-1 Tattoo Cover No. 1, NT-2 Tattoo Cover No. 2  and NB-1Blue Neutralizer No. 1.
  • Size and Coverage: 12 shades (3oz.) in a metal snap case. Net weight 3 oz./84 grams.(200-1000 applications).
  • Suggestions:  A must have for every makeup artist, this palette contains generous quantities of very pigmented concealers designed to neutralize and/or cover up any possible cosmetic problem you could think of, from acne scars to a tattoo you would like to cover up.

How to Use:

Concealers should be applied before the foundation.

  1. Apply with a flat or dome brush.
  2. Blend.
  3. Powder lightly before applying foundation.
  4. For intense discoloration, carefully apply additional layers of neutralizer as needed then foundation. 

For covering tattoos-

  1. Apply the concealers with your fingers or a sponge using a stippling motion.
  2. Blend.
  3. Set with face powder.
  4. Apply the powder liberally, dust off the excess.
  5. Dab with a moistened sponge to remove extra powder.
  6. Repeat the cover application if needed and set with powder.
  7. Apply a crème or cake foundation over the entire area to blend with your skin tone.
  8. Powder as needed.
  9. Top it off with a layer of spray sealer to resist smudging.