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Mehron Theatrical Dancer Makeup Kit

by Mehron

The Mehron theatrical dancer makeup kit is a must-have for every dancer.

  • Description: Along with an eight-page step-by-step pictorial instruction booklet, this dancer makeup kit by Mehron was created by makeup artists for the American Ballet Theatre, to help dance teachers and their students create an innovative look for every performance. This kit includes all of the vital cosmetic tools needed to create the perfect stage face.
  • Includes: A box containing: 5-Color Celebré™ Makeup Palette, cheek color, 2 eye colors, lip color, Barrier Spray, GlitterDust™, Shimmer Powder, Full-Size Pencil Liner, Waterproof Mascara, Non-latex Foam Wedge, Double Point Cotton Swabs, Colorset™ Setting Powder, Powder Puff, Makeup Remover Cloth and Step-by-Step Pictorial Instructions.

How to Use:

  1. Apply an even coat of foundation over the entire face, using the sponge applicator and a patting motion and blend into the neck.
  2. Once a foundation is applied, use the lighter and darker colors in the palette to emphasize or create highlights and shadows such as age lines. Be sure to blend highlights and shadows well.
  3. A little color is needed on the cheeks and lips because stage lights tend to wash out the face. Apply blush with a soft hand using the sponge applicator.
  4. The lip color can be applied with the small brush.
  5. Line the eye and use the Eye colors as eye shadows.
  6. Powder to Set.
  7. Remove with makeup remover cloth.