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Mehron 3D Makeup Gel Effects

by Mehron
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SKU 142-R2
Color: Blood Red 2 oz.

This Mehron 3D makeup gel can be sculpted, used as an adhesive and more.

  • Description: 3-D Gel is a gelatin-based special effects product for creating realistic skin, wounds and prosthetic pieces. Sculpt it, smooth it, use it as an adhesive, even add some of your own makeup to create a custom color.
  • Colors: Blood Red, Clear and Fleshtone.
  • Size: 2 oz. bottle (4-10 applications)
  • Suggestions: 3-D Gel, Gelatin Effects may be used as a substitute for latex on children. It won’t stick to hair or clothes after a water cleanup.
  • Caution: This product responds to heat. It will cool and look great for most uses but get it overheated on the dance floor or haunted house, it will start to soften and melt.

How to Use:

  1. To use the 3-D Gelatin Effects just heat the container in hot water until it liquefies (test the temperature before applying to the skin to avoid burn).
  2. Apply to the skin using a brush or apply with your fingers.
  3. The product will cool to a rubbery consistency. There is no adhesive needed when using the 3D Gelatin Effects.
  4. Remove 3D Gelatin Effects from the skin and hair with warm water.