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Graftobian Mummy/Zombie Makeup Kit

SKU 88859

Graftobian's mummy and zombie makeup kit has everything you need to look the part.

  • Description: This makeup kit has everything needed to create a great Zombie, Ghoul or Mummy including detailed instructions. Zombies are all the rage and Graftobian’s Mummy/Zombie Kit has risen to be their most popular Halloween Kit ever.  Maybe because this kit is so versatile. Graftobian’s crème makeups are blended with intense pigmentation in a smooth creme for consistent application, blending, versatility and durability. You will get professional results every time.
  • Size and Coverage: Plastic box includes- 5 Color Cream Color Wheel (1/2 oz. Ghost Grey and 1/8 oz. each of Thunder Grey, Bleached Bone, and Black Creme Foundations), .5oz. Liquid Latex, Translucent Face powder, Powder Puff, Full Length Brush, 3 Foam Wedges and Complete Step-By-Step Instructions in Full Color on how to create the mummy/zombie look. This kit is good for about 20 applications.
  • Suggestions: Add a little stage blood (not included) to your finished makeup for an extra gory look!

How to Use:

  1. Graftobian’s instructions are included in each kit and are easy to follow to create your design.
  2. The makeup is most easily removed with a creamy makeup remover (not included in kit) or cold cream.
  3. Once all makeup is carefully removed, gently wash with soap and water.