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Woochie .38 Exit Wound

by Woochie
Sold out

Create a fake gunshot wound and bullet hole with Woochie's .38 prosthetic.

This is a great bullet exit wound.

  • Description: This Woochie Latex .38 Exit Prosthetic comes as one 2 1/2’’ piece. It is a light beige color, has feathered edges and is hand painted with blood in the wound. Additional Stage Blood, Spirit Gum and Remover (not included) is needed to achieve the pictured effect. (Stage Makeup, Face Powder and Latex are also recommended.)
  • Size: One Latex .38 Exit Bullet Wound measuring 2 1/2'' across, in a plastic box with instructions.
  • Suggestions:  Cinema Secrets has been the leader in easy-to-use latex appliances for over two decades. Their Woochie line is used around the world-in the movie industry, on stage, and by consumers who want to look convincingly maimed during Halloween! Woochie prosthetics are realistic, easy to apply, and reasonably priced.

How to Use:

  1. Brush Spirit Gum (not included) on the back of the .38 Exit anywhere it the will be touching the skin. Spirit Gum may also be applied directly to the skin.
  2. Position the .38 Exit onto the skin in the desired area and press into place (Edges may be trimmed for a better fit.) For best adhesion, remove the Woochie appliance and use the appliance itself (or your index finger) to tack the spirit gum with a rapid up and down motion. This will cause the Spirit Gum to become extremely tacky.
  3. Firmly press the appliance back into place.
  4. Using a cotton swab or brush, apply Stage Blood or Blood Gel to any area you desire to have a bloody look. Latex can be used to blend the edges of the piece.
  5. To add trauma after the application of the .38 Exit, use a Bruise Wheel and a small piece of Black Stipple Sponge. Apply the makeup from the lightest to darkest colors. Powder to set. Dust off excess powder with damp towel or sponge.
  6. Before removing the Woochie® appliance, the excess blood should be wiped off using a paper towel and warm water. Using a small brush or cotton, swab work a small amount of Spirit Gum Remover under the edges of the Woochie® appliance. Remove any residual adhesive by rubbing more remover into the area. Rinse the skin using soap and warm water.