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Woochie Bald Cap

by Woochie

In search of a better latex bald cap? Think Woochie.

  • Description:  A bald cap is an appliance used to mask a wearer's hair and create the illusion that they are bald. Included are extensive instructions for the best fit and adhesion and tips on treating the cap to accept makeup and correct application of color.
  • Includes:  One light beige latex bald cap and 16 step color instructions.
  • Size:  One Size fits most adults.
  • Additional Spirit Gum (not included) is needed to attach the bald cap.
  • Cinema Secrets Woochie latex bald caps are trusted for their superior craftsmanship.
  • Additional Products: Spirit Gum and Remover (not included) are needed to attach and remove the appliance.
  • Recommended Products: Scissors, Liquid Latex, Castor Sealer and Cream Makeup are also recommended for a more realistic look.
  • Tips-Latex bald caps are thin and usually need cream makeup to hide the hair underneath. Allow at least an hour to complete the makeup application.

How to Use:

  1. More complete instructions are included with the bald cap, but basically you need to pin and/or gel down the hair such that it is as flat against the head.
  2. Fit, mark and trim the bald cap as needed. (Leave the back of the neck on your bald cap long enough to tuck under the back of your shirt and bend the head forward before marking or gluing the neck or you won’t be able to bend it after you glue the edges down.)
  3. Reapply the cap and working in small sections of about two inches, apply your spirit gum to the edges of the cap.
  4. After gluing, brush a thin line of liquid latex just along the cap's edge in order to hide the edge.  
  5. Apply Castor Seal.
  6. Apply makeup so that the facial skin tone matches the bald cap tone.
  7. Powder to finish.  
  8. Remove the bald cap using Spirit Gum remover.


WARNINGS: If you are sensitive to latex, discontinue use.