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Woochie Prosthetic Devil Ears

SKU WO137- Devil Ears
These Woochie prosthetic devil ears will help you complete your look.  

Emerge from the fiery depths as the keeper of darkness with these realistic devil ear tips

  • Description: These Devil Ear Tips adhere to the top of the ear. They are light weight, easy to apply and reasonably priced.
  • Includes: Pair of 2” red latex devil ear tips with instruction.
  • Size: One size fits all
  • Additional Products: Spirit Gum and Remover (not included) are needed to attach and remove the horns
  • Recommended Products: Castor Sealer, Red and Black Crème Foundations, Face Powder and Liquid Latex

How to Use:

  1. Place the ear tip appliance over your ears to find proper fit. (Try holding the appliance in place, pat some powder with the powder puff around the edges of the appliance. Remove the appliance and you should have an outline of the area the appliance will cover.) You may need to trim off some excess edge from the appliance first.
  2. For best adhesion, remove the Woochie appliance and use the appliance itself (or your index finger) to tack the spirit gum with a rapid up and down motion. This will cause the Spirit Gum to become extremely tacky. Be careful the ear tip doesn’t stick to itself.
  3. To hide edges of the appliance, apply a thin layer of Latex over the edges with a makeup sponge using a patting motion. Let dry and powder. Repeat if necessary. Several thin layers will work better than thick layers.
    Apply a thin layer of Castor Sealer onto the Devil Ear Tips. Remove excess. This will help color retention and longevity of the appliance.
  4. You are now ready to apply a red foundation. Using a makeup sponge, draw it across the top of the makeup and begin applying it to your skin. Use a patting motion followed by smoothing strokes to even out makeup. Apply makeup to face, neck, hands, and any other exposed areas. Remember to use a clean area of the sponge for each color.
  5. Next, use a black makeup to shadow, or push back, areas such as in the crevice under the eye to give sunken look, under cheek bones to deepen them, and inside wrinkles, nasal folds and under the chin. Also, brush black makeup over brows to exaggerate them. You can use a brush to detail your makeup. A brush can also be used in place of sponge to paint in large areas or to get color in tight spots like around the eyes. Powder to set.
  6. To remove-Using a small brush or cotton, swab work a small amount of Spirit Gum Remover under the edges of the Woochie appliance. Remove any residual adhesive by rubbing more remover into the area. Rinse the skin using soap and warm water or makeup remover.