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Woochie Prosthetic Lion Face

With this Woochie prosthetic lion face makeup, you'll get a professional look.  

Who could love a beast? But you'll look fabulous!

  • Description: The Woochie Lion Face is a larger, three quarter face light weight latex appliance.  It can give you a professional look in one easy application. It covers the brow area, the nose, upper lip and jowls. Additional Spirit Gum and Remover (not included) are needed to attach the Lion Face. (Castor Sealer, Crème Foundation, Face Powder and Liquid Latex are also recommended.)
  • Size: The light beige latex Lion Face measures over 6’’ tall and  9’’ across in a plastic box with instructions.
  • Suggestions: This is a great start to a Beast makeup for your production of Beauty and the Beast.

How to Use:

  1. Check placement on your face for proper alignment.
  2. Brush Spirit Gum on the back of the Woochie appliance anywhere it the will be touching the skin. Spirit Gum may also be applied directly to the skin.
  3. Position the Woochie appliance onto the skin in the desired area and press into place. For best adhesion, remove the Woochie appliance and use the appliance itself (or your index finger) to tack the Spirit Gum with a rapid up and down motion. This will cause the Spirit Gum to become extremely tacky.
  4. Then firmly press the appliance back into place.
  5. To hide edges of the appliance, apply a thin layer of Latex over the edges with a makeup sponge using a patting motion.
  6. Let dry and powder.
  7. Repeat if necessary. Several thin layers will work better than thick layers.
  8. Apply Castor Seal to the appliance and latex then in a patting motion apply crème makeup.
  9. Apply the makeup from the lightest to darkest colors.
  10. Powder to set.
  11. Dust off excess powder with damp towel or sponge.