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Woochie Split Open Latex Appliance


Create terrifying realistic wound effects with these Woochie latex appliances.

  • Description: For victims and zombies alike, this Woochie’s Split Open Latex Appliance is a great start of a realistic deep gouge. The appliances features either an open wound showing four deep claw/finger gouges or a deep gash that exposes teeth. Each has painted detail, raised edges (up to 1/8” deep) around each wound and beige surrounding “skin” that is feathered for easy, realistic application.
  • Includes: Two different prosthetic appliances with instructions for application.
  • Size: One Size. Not intended for children under 14 years of age. (The claw/finger wound measures 3 ½’’ across and the exposed teeth wound measures 2 ½’’ across).
  • Note: Additional Spirit Gum is needed to attach the wounds (not included) as well as stage blood and makeup to complete the pictured look.
  • Woochie appliances are special effect products made from the highest quality latex based product. If you are sensitive to latex, discontinue use.
  • You only need Spirit Gum to attach these prosthetics but finish the look using stage blood or the these other recommend products.
  • Recommended Products: Recommended Products: Spirit gum, zombie palette, fresh scabtooth coloralcohol, latex sponges, brushes and liquid latex.

How to Use:

1.     Always start your makeup with a clean, dry skin.

2.     Place the woundbappliances on your faceto find proper fit. (Try holding the appliance in place, pat some powder with the powder puff around the edges of the appliance. Remove the appliance and you should have an outline of the area the appliance will cover.)

3.     Brush or swab Spirit Gum onto the spot. Take care not to apply in an area larger than base of the appliance. (Be careful not to get Spirit Gum in your hair, it is very hard to get out.)

4.     Using your index finger or a Makeup Sponge, tack the surface with a light up and down motion. This helps to increase the adhesion of the Spirit Gum.

5.     Place the appliance over the adhesive and press into place. (You may powder any exposed areas of sprit gum if needed).

6.     For a more professional look, the edges to the appliance may be stippled with a thin coat of Liquid Latex, using a makeup sponge or black stipple sponge. Allow the latex to dry before applying a second coat. Remember that two thin coats will dry faster than one thick coat.

7.     Powder the dry latex when finished. Dust off excess powder.

8.     After the adhering the Woochie appliance you may want to make your piece blend in better. To do this you will need Cream Foundation, Castor Sealer and Colorless Powder or a FX Palette.

9.     Begin by tearing a white latex sponge in half, and using the rough side of the sponge, dip the sponge in alcohol and wipe the palette to create a stain. Apply the stain to your skin and the edges of the appliance in a patting, or “stippling,” motion.

10.   Use a small brush and the same technique for details.

11.   Add fresh scab within the wounds for more detail using a Q-tip or brush.

12.   Brush on some Tooth Decay to your teeth.

13.   Removal - To remove Fx Makeup, apply alcohol on to a cloth and wipe off the makeup. Work in circular motions, being careful not to get any in your eyes or mouth. If some should get in your eyes, flush them with plenty of cool water. Use Spirit gum remover to remove the wounds and wash your face with your normal face wash.

If you are sensitive to latex, discontinue use. Do NOT use around eye area. Do not ingest. Not intended as a food product.